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Seetings of the site

A brief how to session

I have used several different Cascading Style Sheets to show different styles. Using JavaScript and cookies, if the user agent is css compatible -basically if it's new (e.g. Firefox, Mozilla and Opera)- you can select the style that you may find it interesting or simply pleased with it.

  1. Default style, is the one that you are visiting it now and it is based on rectangulr shape and a cloudy sky. I may sometimes change the cloudy background. Rresize the browser to move the cloud.
  2. gull style, I took the photo of this sea bird from Monterey/CA, and the theme is developed around it.
  3. Pier style, I took this photo of the pier with yachts from Monterey/CA as well, seems the same time.
  4. Buddah style, I took this photo of Buddha's statue in Japanese Garden/San Francsico.

Also, throughout the design some CSS elements are just showing for the new browsers while the older ones show it gracefully (degradation) or just ignore those addons.

Another experimental page on the same subject is Colors, try it. It's using the same CSS functions in combination with some previously taken photos.

Did I mention, using new browsers such as Firefox, you can navigate the site with "Alt+letter" or "cmd+letter"? Here is the letters

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If you are using Internet Explorer after "Alt+letter", hit the "Enter",

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