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The professional site, information about my interests; design and development since 1999 Skip navigation is a platform enabling me to share some knowledge, experiences, information and passion about and for the World Wide Web new technologies with friends and visitors of the site.
Each section has something of its own; interesting to know or to learn, check them out and share any new and interesting information and/or web site.


- For long time, I wanted to overhaul the site. Now, I'm planning to code it with PHP and MySQL, revamp its underlying CSS and JavaScript, including DOM scripting and asynchronous call, as needed, and finally some mash-ups; although, this may take a while.take a look

- Time for site re-design has come. So, with help of jQuery, CSS3 and some minor content updates, implementation of new enhancements are underway.

- The site is changing to use HTML5, more CSS3 and probably AJAX for functionality. Its progress depends on finding a balance between maintenance and layout. Also, I have an eye on tablets and smartphones for this iteration.

- As more capable browsers are introduced, the site shall continue its progress for implementing HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and PHP functionalities while degrade nicely for older browsers.


Working at some of big companies at Silicon Valley not only gives the person a great experience within a short period but also lets him acknowledge the power of sharing ideas among the peers and the benefits of human factors to reach a goal.more on career


Sharing what I've learned is the whole purpose of HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, CSS, Javascript, ... the list goes on and on. However, finding a well formed source and a good working example is just the starting point.more on XML/XSLT


Your comments about this site, its layout, colors and pictures, new information and updates on internet technologies are very welcomed. Besides, send me email or call me about any career opportunities or any other web related subjects.more on feedback

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